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Jen is the Firm’s Managing Partner and General Counsel. She represents the interests of insurers and reinsurers and her practice, in addition to helming the Firm, focuses on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, Professional Liability, Financial Institutions, D&O Liability and Transactional and Political Risk. Jen originated the Emerging and Disruptive Technologies and Political Risk Practice Groups at the Firm. Jen continues to push the boundaries of her Firm’s Emerging and Technologies Practice Group focus with the addition of such areas as Transformative Technology, Web4, advanced BioTech, Datification, and Genomics.

Across her practice areas, Jen focuses on highly complex matters and litigation, monitoring developments, providing coverage assessments and liability and damages calculations to assist clients in their evaluative needs. She has successfully negotiated significant settlements across her practice areas and prides herself in striving to protect the commercial interests and relationships between her client insurers and their insureds. In the unfortunate instance when it is needed, Jen has been directly involved in coverage litigation and reinsurance arbitrations.

Prior to becoming a lawyer in 2003, Jen was an underwriter in the U.S. banking industry, and then served as a business development advisor and subsequently as a senior financial officer for the U.S. government overseas in the Russian Federation and other posts in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Far East.

Today, Jen’s focus is on providing an innovative, forward-looking and inclusive approach to boutique law firm management, especially as it pertains to the post-COVID reality of the semi-virtual working environment. Jen has worked to expand the Firm’s cadre of outstanding lawyers across the globe all while continuing to support the family-like feel of a boutique law firm.


(914) 733-7751

(914) 924-7947

Practice Areas

Emerging and Disruptive Technology

Transactional and Political Risk

Professional Liability, Financial Institutions and D&O


New Jersey (2003)
New York (2004)
Southern and Eastern Districts of New York (2004)


J.D., Pace Law School, currently known as Elizabeth Haub Law School, cum laude (2003)

B.S., International Affairs and Russian Studies)
B.A., Boston University, International Affairs and Russian Studies, cum laude (1992)


Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS)
New York State Bar Association
City Bar of New York Association
American Bar Association

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