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KSW’s Trade Credit and Credit Default attorneys have a deep understanding of global markets and the uncertainties impacting domestic and foreign transactions, including foreign exchange risks, geopolitical developments, commodity, interest rate and time risks, and regulatory changes. 

With strong backgrounds in international politics, corporate finance and trade, our team can recognize and provide advise on the risks attendant with particular transactions, and help find the best insurance tools and products to address those risks.  Finally, in the event of a triggering event, our team works with insurers to assess coverage, potential liability and recovery rights under the terms and conditions of such policies.

KSW has extensive experience in the world of political risk, political violence and kidnap & ransom insurance.  Our team combines a wealth of knowledge from prior work overseas in the political and government arena with consistent monitoring of geopolitical movements to understand the



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danger zones for international business and travel and how insurance can help mitigate those risks.  We work with insurers to craft insurance policy wordings and endorsements addressing these risks, and in the event of triggering events, work with those same insurers and outside vendors to bring about a safe, rapid and efficient resolution for all parties involved.

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